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You know that you are using the best Citizenship Test study materials anywhere because our products were created by the best people in business. We call them "Coaches". From Citizenship Test CDs, MP3, Study Guide... to the Online Class called SurePass™, which you can learn and do practice exams with videos. We're here to help you pass your Citizenship Test!

“It is an honor to work on a project that will help millions of immigrants, some of whom I am sure will be in my own family.” — Sammi St. John - Actress/VOA

— Professional Voice Over Artist - SurePass™ Demonstration

Your Instruction Coach! Making sure you hear the instructions correctly. Candace is the warm and trustworthy voice behind SurePass - our Citizenship Test Online Training. In many years of voice work, writing, and production, she has been a morning show and midday host for a contemporay jazz and contemporary Christian music radio, a news reporter, copy writer, producer... you name it.

— Professional Voice Over Artist - Citizenship Test CD, SurePass™ Answers

Your Voice Coach! Making sure you hear the questions clearly and say the answers correctly. Diane Merritt is a Radio broadcast veteran having started her radio career at 16. Diane is the voice of Citizenship Coach - Citizenship Test CD. For over 30 years Diane has been a Voice Actor & Radio Personality and has voiced numerous corporate narrations, IVR Phone Prompts, radio and television commercials, Audio books and more. She was thrilled to be a part in Citizenship Coach and glad you took the step to become a United States Citizen.

— Professional Voice Over Artist - Citizenship Test CD in Spanish (Ciudadania Examen)

For the past ten years Luis has been a voice over and on camera actor. He has appeared in television shows, a USA Network film, industrial films, and many television commercials. As an immigrant to the United States from Cuba, Luis is delighted to be part of the Citizen Coach team because he understands how difficult it is to learn the questions for the Citizenship test. He wishes he had this tool available to him when he took his test. Because he didn't have this tool available to him, he wants to make sure you do!

— Professional Voice Over Artist - SurePass™ Vocabulary

Your Vocabulary Coach! Making sure you know how to say each English word correctly. As the voice behind "Love in China" - shown at Bejing 2008 Olympics, Julie has a very unique voice and a special heart for spoken words. Julie is particularly fond of projects assisting in LANGUAGE PRONUNCIATION, helping others learn ENGLISH. She researches how each word is pronounced and then records each word 3 times - at a slow pace, at a v-e-r-y s-l-o-w pace, and then at a normal pace — so you know exactly how each word is pronounced. You can find her in the SurePass — Citizenship Test Online section.

— Chief Technology Officer - SurePass™

With almost 15 years in the web development business, Michael is the brain behind our e-commerce store and the SurePass system. He's responsible for making sure SurePass is running smoothly at any lesson or test, and our store allows you to purchase citizenship test CD, download MP3 easily with no hick-ups. As the "go to guy" of Citizenship Coach's founder, Michael's contribution and dedication to the success of the company is priceless!

— Actress & Voice Over Artist - SurePass™ Questions

Your Voice Coach! Making sure you hear the questions clearly, in many ways! Sammi St.John has been a radio professional for over 25 years and has worked at the top stations in the 4th largest radio market in the country, Dallas, Texas since 1989. Along with her radio shows, she has voiced, written and produced hundreds of voice-overs for local and national clients both in English and Spanish. Some of her other projects include: spokesperson for national and local clients, professional public speaker with Diversity Speaker Bureau, Broadcasting Instructor at American Broadcasting School in Arlington, Texas and Copywriter for various publications and websites. She is proud to be a part of the Citizenship Coach project and said, "It is an honor to work on a project that will help millions of immigrants, some of whom I am sure will be in my own family from Mexico."

— Chief Information Officer

Your Information Coach! Make sure you study the right and most updated information. Betty is responsible for the information of the Citizenship Test Study Materials we offer. As an immigrant herself, with her natural talent in English and her love for the immigrant communities, she is a valuable team member of our team. (Pictured with daughter Jubilee Pham Nguyen)

— Founder & Director

Well, Timothy is not a Coach; He just makes sure you have the best and latest tools to help you learn more effectively! Coming to the United States with $20 his Grandmother gave him, like many other immigrants, Timothy had to go through the long journey of working long hours on odd jobs and learning how to read and write English at the same time. United States is blessed by God with opportunities you cannot find anywhere else on earth. Passing the Citizenship Test to becoming a US Citizen is the first step of the journey of realizing the American Dream.

After passing his Citizenship Test, Timothy volunteered to teach citizenship test classes in Dallas, Texas. And now, Timothy is helping other immigrants like you in a different way. He founded Citizenship Coach LLC with the mission to make the Citizenship Test so much easier, more interesting, and much more affordable by using the latest web technologies. SurePass™ is proud to be the most advanced citizenship test training system available on the web. It is also patent-pending and copyrighted, meaning no person or a company can copies SurePass its layout, or its content (partial), or how it works is protected by the law of the United States.