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Practice the Citizenship Test Online, at home!

You will be sitting face-to-face with the immigration officer to answer his/her question. Many people said they got really nervous. Are you ready for the citizenship test yet?

SurePass - Study online for your Citizenship Test Questions and Answers FREE citizenship test lessons and test
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"My wife was from Russia... I did a lot of research online... This was the only class I felt could help my wife improve her English, study the new questions, and overcome her nervousness. It did! I'm really glad for her." —Mark Bradshaw

  • You will feel less nervous when you take your real test
  • Practice the 100 citizenship test questions with interactive videos — It's like practicing with a friendly ESL teacher whenever you need.
  • Unlimited, random practice tests
  • English, en Español, Tiếng Việt, Russian, Tagalog, Chinese
  • Very easy to use, just point and click!
  • Already going to class? SurePass is an excellent supplement at home.

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Online Citizenship Practice Tests

  • Take practice tests with a real person who speaks correct English - like an USCIS officer
  • Improve your listening skill
  • Unlimited tests with random questions
  • SurePass' practice exams give you more confidence. You won't feel nervous when you take your real test
  • Record all your test records, see your improvements
  • English, Spanish, Chinese... and more
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    Online Citizenship Lessons

  • Learn with teachers who speaks correct English
  • Know many ways the new questions can be asked, and the easiest answers to respond, word by word.
  • Improve you speaking skill
  • Answer questions about your state (Governor, Capital...)
  • Learn English words you must know for writing test
  • Tips & Tricks, Bookmarks and Reviews
  • English, Spanish, Chinese... and more
  • Each lesson is short and precise - just what you need
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  • Need a good reason to learn online with us?

    According to our surveys, some people want to study at home, on a couch or in bed, with a cookie or a cup of hot coffee in hand...

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    1. No need to drive to a class. Study at home is so much better: Save gas! save time! so convenient!
    2. It's like learning with a real person. You will practice as if you were taking the real exam. You will be less nervous! SurePass has unlimited practice tests. You can practice as many time as you want, and each time you always get a different set of questions.
    3. You can study anytime. Learn 1-2 questions before you go to work, after dinner, over the weekend
    4. You can studying at your own pace: If you can't remember much, then 1-2 questions at a time is good enough, 5-10 minutes a day. More or less is totally up to you!
    5. Help a child or a family: When you sign up to study with us, a portion of your money is donated to charity organizations (American Redcross, WorldVision, Unicef, Huong Di - The Way...)

    "the best ways to study"

    "CitizenshipCoach.com is one of the best ways to study because they offer easy to use programs and customized practice tests. This particular program uses streaming videos to train for the test..."
    Wilfredo Rodriguez-Padilla — Immigrant Community Examiner
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